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Foundry Networks Unveils All-Fiber Metro Ethernet Switch

Foundry Networks Inc. has unveiled a new, all-fiber optic layer 2/3 edge switch designed to allow service providers and carriers to easily deploy Ethernet to the home and Ethernet to the business services.

The FastIron Edge X424F switch features 24 hot-pluggable small form factor pluggable ports that can be configured with 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps transceivers, and up to two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The switch supports a wide ranger of metro Ethernet service deployments, including Gigabit Ethernet over 10 km of single strand single-mode fiber and Gigabit Ethernet over 2 km of dual-strand Fiber Distributed Data Interface grade multimode fiber.

Foundry's new product can support truly prodigious fiber lengths. Configured with long reach SFP optics, the FastIron Edge X424F can span 120 km of fiber. Foundry also offers a range of optional XFP transceivers that support short reach and extended reach applications to distances of 40 km over single-mode fiber.

"Metro Ethernet is no longer a question of when, but a question of how service providers can cost-effectively deliver high-capacity and high-value Ethernet services to their customers," Foundry vice president of product marketing Bob Schiff said in a statement. "The FastIron Edge X424F, with its compact form-factor and all-fiber support, provides a versatile, scalable and high-performance platform for cost-effective delivery of metro Ethernet services. The FastIron Edge X424F enables operators to maximize the utilization of their fiber plant, improve return on investment, and help spur metro Ethernet deployments."

The FastIron Edge X424F will be available in August, with prices starting at $9,995.