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Forward Solutions' Migo: Leave Your Laptop at Home

Migo can store profiles for many machines--you assign them nicknames to differentiate. Additionally, each machine is designated as a "synchronization" or "login" machine. Synchronization machines serve as your primary workstations; login machines are secondary machines that you work from, such as those in remote offices. The machine type (login or synchronization) can be changed at any time.

Sync and Go

I designated my Windows XP SP1a laptop as a synchronization machine and was presented with a set of configuration options. File synchronization can be based on file type, modification within a user-configurable number of days or simply "all files." As a boon, when you choose the files and directories to synchronize, Migo displays the amount of space left on the device as well as the space necessary to synchronize the files you've chosen. I synchronized my desktop, a few directories and some specific files, as well as Outlook and IE, including bookmarks. Because the device is USB 1.1, it's slow for both synchronization and the log in/log out process, but it did the job.

Next, I plugged Migo into the Windows XP Pro SP1a Dell I use in the lab, gave the machine a nickname and made it a login machine. Migo loaded its software, which appears in the system tray, and placed a small tab at the top of the desktop called "PocketLogin."

When you click on the PocketLogin tab, you get a visual representation of the desktop for each machine you've designated as a synchronized machine (see screen at right). I clicked on the visual representation of my laptop, and Migo "logged me in." My laptop's desktop appeared, down to the background but minus the shortcuts to applications I hadn't synchronized.

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