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FortiGate Fortifies Your Traffic Security

Each FortiGate port houses a separate subnet; the device can route packets directly from one port to another or perform many-to-one NAPT (Network Address Port Translation) between ports. Individual ports can be assigned to unique security zones or can be grouped into a shared security zone. Each security zone gets its own separate policy, which means you can group multiple subnets into a zone and set access rights between zones. If two ports are in the same security zone, you can block traffic from flowing between them.

Access Control

To set up the firewall controls between zones, you first need to define traffic flows. From the GUI, I designated flows between internal and external zones, and Zone 1 and the external zone. You can also indicate if these flows should be routed or sent via NAPT. Traffic between interfaces within the same security zone can be blocked or routed as well. After setting flows, you can create policies for each zone.


Good News
  • Controls access between subnets.
  • relatively simple to use.
  • Multiport routing capabilities.


  • High availability support.


    Bad News
  • management interface needs redesign.
  • Gui Needs to Better Reflect Multiport capabilities.
  • Limited Network IDS support.
  • 1