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First Person: Storage Utility: Anarchy Rules

Kill the Competition?

His quips were filled with irony. Indeed, it seemed from their speeches that many of the awards recipients were convinced the only way to manage storage is to eliminate the capitalist competition that compels vendors to produce noninteroperable products. This line of thinking belies the fact that the very technologies in need of a common management scheme probably wouldn't exist if not for the self-interest of vendors in a market economy.

Tabellion resurfaced as a keynote speaker for a Storage Day panel discussion on the so-called "storage utility," and claimed that customers continue to pay "way too much" for storage. The industry is nowhere near achieving universal storage management, he concluded.

Asking Too Much?

Surprisingly, Tabellion received virtually no pushback from the eight other vendors on the panel. But then, to the chagrin of fellow panelist and co-SMS patent holder John Tyrell, he implied in no uncertain terms that he

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