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F5 Extends Application And Data Security To The Cloud

(BUSINESS WIRE) F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), today announced enhanced BIG-IP solution capabilities delivering new security services for applications deployed in the cloud. Application security provided by F5 solutions, including BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager, BIG-IP Edge Gateway, and BIG-IP Application Security Manager, ensures that enterprise applications and data are safe even when deployed in the cloud. The new BIG-IP Version 10.2 software enhances F5's security offerings, enabling customers to lower infrastructure costs, optimize application access, and secure applications in the enterprise and the cloud.

Cloud environments can be key resources for IT teams leveraging enhanced scalability and lower expenses, but there are security concerns when it comes to moving organizations' sensitive applications and data into the cloud. With BIG-IP solutions, customers can assign policy-based access permissions based on user, location, device, and other variables. This enables organizations to extend context-aware access to corporate materials while keeping their most valuable assets secure whether the data is stored in the data center, internal cloud, or external cloud. Additional details on how F5 helps organizations securely extend enterprise data center architecture to the cloud can be found in a separate F5 announcement issued earlier this week.

The BIG-IP v10.2 release introduces new security functionality throughout the BIG-IP product family. By unifying application delivery, security, optimization, and access control on a single platform, security capabilities can be extended across data center environments and in the cloud. F5 security solutions provide comprehensive application security, including packet filtering, port lockdown, attack protection, network/administrative isolation, protocol validation, dynamic rate limiting, SSL termination, access policy management, and much more.

F5 security solutions and the new BIG-IP v10.2 enable customers to:

    * Enhance Attack Protection and Safeguard Applications

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