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F5 Edges Out Cisco in Application Delivery

F5 Networks and Packeteer led the two segments that made up the $1.2 billion worldwide application acceleration market in 2005, respectively displacing rivals Cisco Systems and Stratacache, according to a recent report.

Driven by the trend to centralize servers and deploy Web applications, the application acceleration market grew 36 percent in 2005, up from $915 million in 2004, according to research firm Gartner.

Solution providers said they are seeing growth in application acceleration solutions, which aim to help customers get more out of their existing infrastructure without buying more bandwidth.

"Now that the technology is establishing itself and the marketing is coming up, I'll expect to see 100 percent growth this year," said Bob Reny, account manager at Adeara, a Sunnyvale, Calif., solution provider that builds application acceleration solutions around technology from vendors such as F5, Juniper Networks and Radware.

Gartner splits the market into two segments: application delivery controllers (ADCs), which reside in the data center and are deployed to improve the performance of browser-based applications, and WAN optimization controllers (WOCs), which are typically deployed in data centers and remote locations to improve the performance of applications accessed across the WAN by tackling bandwidth, latency and protocol issues.

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