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Executive Q&A: Sun's John Fowler

While Hewlett-Packard, Dell and IBM are the recognized leaders of the X86 server market, one player has surprisingly begun to gain ground. Since introducing its line of X86 servers, Sun MicrosyStems has been making solid inroads against the established players. CRN Editor in Chief Michael Vizard talked with John Fowler, executive vice president of Sun's Network Systems Group, about the vendor's alliance with Advanced Micro Devices and its new subscription-based pricing model.

CRN: What types of new server products can we expect to see from Sun?

FOWLER: The Network Systems Group is going to do a couple of things. Obviously, we're building a product line based on x86, but we're also going to work on how these systems integrate using networking and systems management. So what we've been shipping is an Intel two-way server and AMD Opteron two- and four-way servers and now workstations. In the second quarter of the calendar year, we were just shipping two-way servers, which were the Opteron and Intel servers. The Opteron servers sold extremely well in the quarter.

And then this quarter, the third quarter, we started shipping the four-way server and the one- and two-way workstations. During the course of the year we'll be filling out the product line with an eight-way server, a blade server and a network application switch.

CRN: Are the blades and eight-way servers going to be based on AMD or Intel or both?

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