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Employee Provisioning

EUA solutions also bring continuity. By centrally managing workers' access to directories, databases, servers, legacy applications and identity-management applications, these products let you migrate access rights and resources as an employee changes jobs within the organization and revoke rights when an employee leaves. Centralized auditing offers a complete view of who was granted access when and by whom, and workflow capabilities ensure that security policies are followed.

Finally, employee-provisioning solutions provide financial benefits, however indirectly, by increasing employee productivity, enterprise security and workflow automation.

From Zero-Day Start...

New hires require the basic office equipment--a desk, a computer, a phone--as well as access to job-related systems and applications. If all isn't in place, a new employee can't immediately become a productive member of the organization. And colleagues might waste time attempting to set up the correct access for the new co-worker. You need to be able to click a button and generate a "zero-day start" process--complete provisioning in less than a day.

You need a similar process when an employee moves from one role to another. Modifications to existing rights and migrations to new groups take time to perform and verify. But because the employee has access, there often is no rush to perform the migrations. Automating such processes ensures correct provisioning as soon as possible.

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