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Eclipse - Not just for developers anymore

Earlier this week Sybase announced they would sponsor and lead a proposed Data Tools Project for Eclipse and will exhibit new developer tools for the Eclipse platform at EclipseCon.
Sybase isn't the first, and certainly won't the last, major ISV to support development of Eclipse itself or specific adds on for the open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment). IBM is a huge supporter of Eclipse, as is BEA.
Elicpse is not limited to application development use. It is also the darling of numerous other technology based companies, with the open source IDE providing the framework for a diverse number of management and configuration tools. Many web services security, EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and BPM (Business Process Management) vendors have chosen to utilize the extensible Eclipse as the basis for their various configuration and modeling tools.
Expect to see Eclipse continue to grow in its popularity as more enterprise class ISVs hop on board to lend support.