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Don't Hate Me Because I Pick On Microsoft

Please don't hate me. I have a weakness. I like to level the playing field. I do this by picking on those who pick on others.

I like to pick on bullies, and I like to stick to the big boys. My definition of a bully are those who can move mountains just because of who they think they are.

Microsoft is the big boy. And the way in which it does business makes it an easy target. I'm sorry, but when you paint a target on your derrire, one has to expect to find a boot making contact every so often!

I mean, let's get real close and personal. MS makes software that almost everyone uses. Right this minute, I'm writing this article on my W2K box, using MS Word XP. I'm typing on my MS keyboard, and was listening to a CD on Windows Media.

But this is my workstation. It cost a great deal of money to obtain 90 percent of my software. Every time I have to install something new, I have to reboot. Many of my programs don't work as advertised. Sometimes it's just the nature of the beast.

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