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Don't Get Caught in Biz Process Mgm't Wave

In concept, these tools are difficult to argue with--after all, IT exists to support the business, so improving the alignment between IT systems and business processes appears to be a no-brainer. But IT professionals should be wary of digging too deep into business performance management. IT is about automating and providing information services. The business folks don't need your two cents about how to make more money; they need you to run your processes and systems efficiently and reliably, so they don't have to.

As a rule, IT should pay attention to the enterprise's strategic business directions but stick to its own knitting. Make your systems work and don't spend lots of money on new IT-business alignment technologies in hopes they will elevate IT's position--and consequently, yours. This isn't to say these products aren't useful. But the current slick talk of business-IT alignment may be marketing grease to help sell other products.