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Don't Be Afraid Of DevOps

DevOps -- and the collaborative culture and tools it brings with it -- has had a huge impact on the server world, allowing system administrators to transition from manual configuration to automated processes. Networking technology now stands poised to benefit from the same practices, but networking professionals may feel threatened by the dramatic change DevOps means for their day-to-day work.

John Willis is a DevOps pioneer, as one of the founding members of the Devopsdays conference and an early executive of both Chef and Enstratius. In this video, he explains why DevOps is necessary for networking, and how networking pros can use its potential to further their careers, rather than being marginalized by it.

Willis will be speaking at Interop Las Vegas later this month and co-presenting the 3-hour workshop Achieving Operational Excellence Through DevOps.

Interop, flooring April 27 through May 1, offers almost 100 educational programs. To learn even more about DevOps-related topics, attendees can check out: