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Don't Abandon PSTN: Centrepoint CEO

According to Centrepoint Technologies, voice over IP (VoIP) still isn't ready to completely take over the world of voice communications. In a statement yesterday, Centrepoint president and CEO Jan Scheeren reiterated the need for enterprise to maintain connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) despite the promise of VoIP.

Pointing out that its TalkSwitch IP public branch exchange (PBX) solutions offer customers access to the traditional telephony infrastructure, the company emphasized the importance of remaining connected to public emergency services. By providing PSTN services in tandem with VoIP functionality, TalkSwitch users have access to these services without having to activate additional, IP-based services.

"It is absolutely critical that businesses and homes retain some level of connection to the traditional telephone network," Scheeren said in a statement. "Issues like access to 911, the ability to communicate during a power failure, robustness and quality of service are all vital to telephone users. As a company, Centrepoint has recognized that VoIP has not yet evolved to the point where it can completely replace all PSTN-based services."

Centrepoint's VoIP-equipped TalkSwitch 48-CVA IP PBX, released last year, integrates with existing telephone equipment, allowing users to place calls with traditional analog phones over IP networks or PSTN. Enterprises can thus maintain PSTN connections in the event of power failures and deploy VoIP services at reduced costs without having to invest in IP handsets.