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Disney's Iger: No Net Neutrality Laws Needed

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger weighed in on the network neutrality debate Monday with an opinion guaranteed to please his hosts here at the TelecomNext show -- in that he doesn't think any new legislation is needed.

"We appreciate the pledges made" by the telecom and cable companies not to block or degrade services, applications or content, Iger said at the end of his keynote presentation. "We do not support any [Network Neutrality] legislation at this time."

Iger's was the only clear statement made on the issue during Monday afternoon's rapid-fire session of keynote presentations here, a slate of presenters that included Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, Time-Warner cable CEO Glenn Britt and Norio Wada, President & CEO of Japanese provider NTT. The executive viewpoints were the headline event on the first day of the TelecomNext event, the new yearly gathering for the conglomerate of telecom providers that belong to the U.S. Telecom Association.

While Verizon and Seidenberg have contributed mightily to the Network Neutrality debate, weighing in strongly against any new legislation both in public appearances and in written statements, on Monday Seidenberg only made passing references to the issue in a speech that mainly focused on Verizon's strategy for building faster networks for the future.

Calling the light regulation of the wireless and cable markets "a good framework," Seidenberg said that "business and government need a shared vision to vault into the markets of the 21st century."

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