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Deadly Communications Failure

Okay, this isn't about messaging, not per se, but it is about communications and in particular, it's about the failure of any and all communications systems to keep our political leadership in touch with what goes on in this country, and around the world. If these people were in touch with the reality of the world in which they and we live, we would not have a drowned United States city, with a citizenry that is either displaced or dead, today.It is nothing short of embarrassing, and deeply painful to me as a citizen of the United States, that a bunch of supposedly smart people who have gained leadership positions in the Federal and State governments of this country are so immune to reality that a 5-day warning of the strongest breed of hurricane known to man was not sufficient to move them to evacuate the very small city of New Orleans. Worse, the sight of that same city under up to twenty feet of water could not move them into the sort of quick and decisive action that would save lives by evacuating those that remained. Many of the people who remained in New Orleans have died as a result.

And then, to stand around denying that they had been warned of the hurricane, to deny that they had any notion that such a storm would stress the levees and flood walls of New Orleans to a breaking point is more heinous than a lie. It is a smoking gun that say s these people are guilty of the most malfeasant sort of behavior of any political leadership in the history of this country.

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, I don't care if your mayors or governors, your representatives and senators and state legislators are of either party, send them a message: Vote These People Out of Office!

This is just damned awful and we, at least, should do our best to communicate that fact to the clowns occupying high offices in this country.