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Daily Spin: Is Your Enterprise Ready for Wikis?

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Is Your Enterprise Ready for Wikis?

Chances are, there's a wiki or two running somehwere in your enterprise. Basic wiki software is easy to find, relatively simple to install and for most open source versions, the price is right: free.

But what if you want something a bit more robust -- or at least fully vendor-supported? In our recently-published review of enteprise wiki software, we found the enterprise-class alternatives few and far between. That's not to say open source wiki software doesn't deserve a place in your enterprise. It does. But if you want vendor support, the options right now are a bit limited.

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What separates enterprise-ready wiki software from the pack?

- Vendor support - Many enterprises prefer to have a vendor they can call up to get some help -- or at least be able scream at. Most wiki software is open source, but a few service and appliance vendors now stand fully behind their wiki offerings.

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