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Daily Spin: The Truth About Open Source Routing

Tech Analysis
The Truth About Open Source Routing

The list of open source products that have had an impact on the enterprise is long and growing. Linux. Apache. Tomcat. MySQL. Firefox. Etc, etc.

But that said, there's also a leap that must be made by open source products in order to move firmly into the enterprise. Part of the issue is stability and support. That's how you end up with Red Hat. But there are larger technology and architectural issues as well. Sometimes products that work well in a small-team or personal environments never fully translate fully to the enterprise. They lack support for key technologies or protocols, fail to fit into existing management environments or come up short on key features and capabilities that the enterprise requires.

David Greenfield

A seeming case in point is XORP, a relatively new and highly-touted open source router alternative. NWC writer David Greenfield paints an interesting story about XORP in NWC's blog today. The short story, according to David: "I think XORP is a fantastic effort. But thinking that XORP will conquer the enterprise in our lifetime is pure poppycock."

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