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Daily Spin: Getting To Know Web Services Standards

The Big Picture
XML and Web Services Standards

Have you noticed how Web Services standards have a way of proliferating? Not too long ago, if you'd learned a bit about SOAP, had figured out WSDL and were savvy enough not to believe all the promises around UDDI, you probably knew enough about Web Wervices to get by (see story: SOAPing up Web Services )

No more. Check out this graphical list -- and it's by necessity only partial -- of Web Services specs and standards. There's a lot there to swallow, more than a dozen standards in all.

To help sort out the the very latest pieces of the Web Services puzzle, NWC tech editor Lori MacVittie has provided a must-read guide to Web Services Services (Crash Course: Get A Handle on Web Services Specs and Standards). The guide boils down the must-understand standards to a core of three:

Get the scoop on standards right from the standards bodies themselves:
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