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Daily Spin: Cisco Telegraphs Video Push

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Cisco Telegraphs Video Push

Somewhow, it felt like 2000 all over again. I opened up the pages of Newsweek this week and what did I see but a technology industry CEO smiling out from the pages, proclaiming a bright new future of universal communications and broadband video to the home. Only the year is 2006 and the CEO, Cisco's John Chambers, has seen his company through the highest booms (a half trilion market cap) and lowest bottoms of the dotcom/tech cycle.

Yet Cisco remains undeterred. In some ways, its interest in video (to the home and across the enterprise) remains stronger than ever, fueled by Chambers' fervid belief that truly unified networks carrying data, voice and video represent networking nirvana.

And Chambers is turning up the volume. Today, at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego, Chambers said Cisco will focus heavily in the coming year on enabling collaboration by weaving video into enterprise voice, e-mail and instant messaging applications.

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