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Daily Spin: Catch Up with the Skype Hype

The Big Picture
Loving -- and Hating -- Skype

IT departments are growing to have a love-hate relationship with Skype, the popular peer-to-peer IP telephony solution. Even on Network Computing's internal editor's mailing list, opinions vary widely on whether it's a savior or scourge. Often it depends on whether you are using Skype yourself (thumbs-up) or trying to manage or outlaw it on a corporate network (relative to big-time thumbs-down). NWC contributing writer Peter Morrisey even recommended banning Skype last last year following disclosure of new security holes.

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Skype, now part of eBay, is trying to counteract those concerns -- so far to mixed results. Skype for Business, released earlier this month, adds a dedicated business support Web site plus new, certified Skype hardware and a control panel to manage group users and prepaid services. While such advances are nice, it's doubtful many companies -- even small- or medium-sized enterprises -- would run their businesses on Skype.

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