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"But Daddy, Suzy has an iPhone!"

Back in '82, I remember practically begging my parents to buy me a ColecoVision. I tried to rationalize my desire with the fact that several of my friends had the game console, to which my parents replied, "If your friends jumped off the Empire State Building, would you want to as well?"*

These days most teens have after-school jobs, so purchasing electronic devices such as iPods and cell phones doesn't require embarrassing prostration in front of parental units. Still, if one young adult has the latest high-tech gadget, you can bet your "Sexy Back" CD that ten more will be purchased by day's end.

So it really should come as no surprise that in a recent survey of 500 high-schoolers, nearly 25 percent said they planned to plunk down $500 as soon as the Apple iPhone becomes available to the public.

AppleInsider reports that the survey--which polled students from nearly a dozen schools across the country--reveals that Apple utterly dominates the portable media player market, with a vast majority of students who own one saying their choice is an iPod.

Important information not included in the report--the percentage of teens who will actually ask mom and dad to buy the iPhone rather than spend their own cash, which they need for mall runs to HotTopic and for Starbucks Frappuccinos.

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