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D-Link, Netgear Sing SMB Tune

Top executives from networking vendors D-Link Systems and Netgear are reinvigorating their channel efforts to chase SMB market share.

In recent interviews with CRN, D-Link Systems President and CEO Steven Joe and Netgear Chairman and CEO Patrick Lo said their companies aim to bolster their standing with SMBs with the help of solution providers.

Both executives said their companies are waging a battle of perception—fighting to convince solution providers and customers they have more to offer than the consumer/SOHO products on which they made their names, namely a broad lineup of full-featured SMB gear that is both economically priced for end users and profitable for partners.

These vendors' ties to the consumer world are exactly what keeps some customers from seeing them as serious contenders in the business market, solution providers said.

"As you move higher up the product line in sales to larger corporations, the association D-Link has with consumer products tends to work against them from a marketing standpoint," said Jeffrey Goldberg, president of Washington Computer Services, a solution provider in Brooklyn, N.Y., that works with
D-Link Systems and, to a lesser extent, Netgear.

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