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Cyclades' AlterPath KVM/net16

The appliance is available in two versions--one for 16 servers and one for 32 servers. Multiple units can be daisy-chained to control up to 1,024 servers as if they were a single unit. And the appliance is virtually bulletproof: It contains no moving parts other than a fan to cool the processors.

Test Run

I hooked up the KVM/net 16-port device to a Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP desktop and three servers running different versions of Linux. After connecting the supplied KVM adapters to each server's keyboard, video and mouse ports, I connected the KVM to the adapters using the existing Cat 5 cable.

Setup was a snap. From a Web browser, I configured the device's network interface, placed it on the production network, and configured users, groups, authentication and other security controls.

  • Supports multiple OSs
  • Provides smooth KVM access
  • Configurable access controls tighten security
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