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Cookson Electronics

So now, when Joe in the accounting department can't print a financial report off the server, the IT technician assigned to Joe's trouble ticket can use TriActive's tools, such as its asset-management app, to diagnose the problem. If the disk space on Joe's PC is tight, the technician can clean it up and make room for the print job--all in about 30 seconds.

"We are better at tracking helpdesk calls and providing faster resolution," DeLuca says, although the company doesn't have any hard numbers on the improvement.

Call Your Agent

The TriActive MicroAgent is lightweight client code on Cookson's client and server machines. It takes up about 400 KB of memory on Windows machines, which makes it easier to run on older manufacturing systems, typically Pentium/PII platforms with limited RAM. "We've never had a problem installing the agent on our older equipment on the shop floor," DeLuca says.

Aside from helpdesk operations, Cookson Electronics uses the TriActive service to inventory more than 2,800 PCs and 200 Windows servers, which mostly host file services, DNS, SQL and Lotus Notes. "We're trying to better track what's installed out there," DeLuca says.

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