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Contest #2: The Hardware Hall Of Fame

When it comes to technology awards, we are usually treated to long-winded treatises by self-appointed experts who don't really know a bit from a byte, and who worship anything shiny and new. What we don't get is a rundown of the best tech from all the grunts out there who use computers day-to-day.

We're about to fix that.

Welcome to The Great Tech Call-'Em-Like-You-See-'Em Contest, the contest where you can win one of two iPods, plus 36 other cool prizes.

Each week for four weeks we'll expound on a different theme in a series of short essays by various TechWeb Pipeline editors and then let our readers take over by submitting their own contributions. The topics are:

  • The Software Hall Of Fame: What is your favorite software app of the last 10 years? (There's still time to enter!)
  • The Hardware Hall Of Fame: What's the best hardware you've come across in the past decade? (Enter from the last page of this story.)
  • The Next Big Thing: There's a lot of great stuff coming up. What tech do you see in your future? (Enter now!)
  • Helpless User Stories: Tell us your best, funniest, and/or most horrifying story of user lo-jinks. (Now open!)
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