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Executive Software International Diskeeper 9.0

A disk-defrag tool for Windows, Diskeeper uses proprietary technology to monitor performance and eliminate fragmentation automatically. New to the product are I/O Smart, which suspends defrag activity on drives busy with I/O traffic until it's safe to continue; Frag Shield, which maintains system stability by reducing fragmentation of critical system files; and the ability to set up to two scheduled defrags per drive so you can adapt Diskeeper to your usage schedule. Professional edition starts at $49.95; server standard edition, $249.95. Executive Software International, (800) 829-6468, (818) 771-1600.

Help Desk Technology International Corp.

Help Desk Express Help Desk Technology has released two versions of its hosted Web-based subscription service: Help Desk Express basic and enhanced. The basic monthly service, geared toward small and midsize businesses, lets you electronically log, prioritize, route and track service requests and keeps a complete audit log of each job. In addition, your staff can build a knowledge base of common problems for reference. Also included are alerts, reminders, and self-service problem logging and solution lookup for end users. Starts at $14.95 per rep, per month, first 25 requests free, unlimited end users. Help Desk Technology International Corp.

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