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Confidence Issue

Even as the good earnings news for IT professionals keeps rolling in, there is some evidence of a disproportionate lack of job confidence among technology workers. A recent survey conducted by professional staffing firm Hudson showed system administrators and other high-tech workers lagged behind healthcare and other professions in terms of job confidence. And this job depression happened as overall job confidence rose in October. So what is putting IT pros in such poor humor?Normally I would say it is just the high-stress nature of job but considering that just a month ago, IT pros were the most confident about their careers, it appears other circumstances are in play here. The dip looks to have much more to do with normal cycles and, according to one executive at the surveying firm Hudson, the September soaring numbers were an anamoly, due in large part to a sense of job appreciation and personal security following the hurricanes that ripped through the Gulf Coast.

The Hudson exec goes on to surmise that the October numbers don't show a real reason for concern about the IT profession, rather they reflect a return to the "status quo." So based on that, I guess I can return to my original hypothesis, IT pros work in a field which doesn't instill a great deal of security. Drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know what you think.