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ComBrio's Virtual Service Infrastructure 2.0 (Beta)

To begin testing, I plugged the VSIa (VSI administrator), the optional VSIe (VSI enterprise), the VSIm (VSI manager) and a VSIg (VSI gateway) into the network and configured them with IP addresses and domain information. I also entered the devices that would be accessed under the VSI umbrella. These devices are configured into domains--single devices or groups of devices managed by VSI. Then I created Internet-style VPNs to let preauthorized third-party support personnel originate service requests over the Internet and access domains inside the firewall.


• No-fuss, Internet-style VPNs
• VPN activity record
• Web browser administration


• No command-line interface
• No e-mail/pager alerts for pending requests
• No time or protocol limits on DCs
• Pricey

ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure; Service Control Module 2.0, starts at $35,000. ComBrio, (800) 905-9110, (508) 870-6555.

After configuration, you must implement a VSIg and the VSIe at the enterprise end. But don't panic, this isn't complicated--VSI uses an appliance-based architecture and will fit right into your enterprise (see screen at right). Mindful that the service provider will typically implement the VSIa and VSIm at its NOC (network operations center), I set up those devices on a network separate from the VSIg and VSIe.

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