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Clean Up Those Data Centers!

One of the big areas where companies can look to save money is right in the data center. Now, don't get nervous. You have to admit that operating and maintaining numerous half-used servers just doesn't make any sense. That's where server consolidation and virtualization come in.

Frequently, companies do not carefully enough assess their server infrastructures. It's sort of like going through your closet: I never wear this, this is old and threadbare, and I'm not sure why I have two of that. With servers, you're looking to do an audit: Where are there inefficiencies? What can be consolidated? What needs upgrading? You can partition one server into 20 or so virtual machines, each running its own OS and application stack. That's going to clear out a lot of room.
Intel offers a White Paper on the topic. And EMC's President and CEO recently discussed the growing call for virtualizing systems. Finally, you might want to check out Microsoft's take on the matter.

It's February, get started planning for Spring Cleaning in the glass house now! Consolidation can lower your company's total cost of ownership and increase its efficiency. Let me know how you do.