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Citrix Improves Application Performance

Improved system throughput has been an ongoing desire for small and medium businesses. Many performance improving products were designed to maximize the use of devices housed in central locations and with set traffic patterns, so their efficiency is waning. One vendor is trying to deliver tools to enhance the performance of Internet based applications.Citrix has built a successful business delivering products so companies can centralize their IT operations and share them among workers in local or remote sites. The company enhanced its NetScaler software, which runs on the firms NetScaler hardware to boost application performance. The new release, version 9, is designed to squeeze improvements outs by relying on application level information rather than server or network criteria.

One significant enhancement is AppExpert Templates, which capture deployment details and ease NetScaler implementations. The templates relieve IT staffs of understanding the intricacies of each application in order to improve performance, offload tasks, enhance security or improve availability. Initially, these features are limited to the latest release of four products: Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, Oracle E-Business Suite and the SAP product line.

A new AppExpert Visualizer dynamically builds and displays an end-to-end view of application performance. The tool is designed to provide IT staff with a simple, comprehensive view of application performance so they can make any necessary changes.

Citrix has built a viable business by providing small and medium businesses with the tools to run their business more efficiently. The new enhancements are one of many steps needed to boost the performance on Web 2.0 applications. The new features are available on only select applications, so Citrix will need to rapidly expand its portfolio in order to continue to have small and medium businesses show interest in its products.