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Cisco Offers Partners New Upgrade Incentives

Starting off the week, Cisco Systems has launched a new program that will help its partners take full advantage of current technology-upgrade cycles.

Called Foundation Advantage for Partners, the program enables and rewards partners for upgrading their installed base, an opportunity that the company estimates could be worth more than $20 billion worldwide.

"The program is designed to motivate channel partners to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity within our installed base, because anything that's more than 5 years old is now somewhat obsolete," says Edison Peres, vice president of technology and sales for Cisco's worldwide channels.

The five-year number refers to the technologies IT customers installed in anticipation of Y2K issues--devices and applications that have served their purposes and now need to be replaced or upgraded.

"A large chunk of this technology is still out there," says John Growdon, director of routing and switching sales technology programs for Cisco's worldwide channels. "Customers are upgrading their networks because of security concerns and because networks are so much more complex today than they were a few years ago."

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