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China Unicom Gets VoIP From i2 Telecom

VoIP provider i2 Telecom International said Wednesday it has entered into a three-year partnership with the Foshan office of China's Unicom Limited, the second largest telecommunications provider in China.

According to the details of the agreement, i2 Telecom will provide microgateway products and VoIP network services to the Chinese operation, which, in turn will market them to small and medium-sized businesses. i2 executives indicated the deal is in line with i2's strategy of opening channels for VoIP rather than marketing to individual consumers.

With 90 million subscribers, China Unicom is the country's largest telecommunications provider. i2 has opened an international Network Operating Center in Foshan. Users in China using i2 and Foshan gear simply make a call on i2 Telecom VoIP equipment. The call travels over the Web to the Foshan NOC. International calls are routed from the Foshan facility to i2's NOC in Atlanta for completion anywhere in the world.