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Employees who are hands-on with the PeopleSoft applications say they've had difficulty adjusting; ordering too many coffee cups is the least of their problems. Johnson, the IT administrative assistant, complains that the user interface for the time and labor module is clunky. She must continually scroll from top to bottom of the browser screen to fill out time sheets. Also, the sheets require her to fill out every form from scratch, rather than just make changes where exceptions occur. CIO Nigrin says his programmers are working to correct the problem by creating templates for different types of workers.

Johnson has also fallen victim to the limitations of a pure-Web product. She has timed out while completing large requisition forms and been forced to start over. "I was on line 28 of 30 when it went, boop!" she says. Now when she fills out requisitions, she constantly hits Refresh.

Vital Stats: Children's Hospital
1869: Year founded

325: Beds

18,000: Inpatients treated yearly

300,000: Outpatient visits per year

5,000: Full-time employees

800: Active medical and dental staffers