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How he Got Here:

• 1998 to present: Informatics program staff, Children's Hospital Boston

• 1998 to present: Pediatric endocrinology staff, Children's Hospital Boston

• 2000 to 2001: Director, clinical computing, Children's Hospital Boston

• 1995 to 1998: Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow, Children's Hospital Boston

Mouthing Off:

Toughest moment during PeopleSoft project: "My initial moments with the project. I had to learn about the rationale of our vendor selection process and overall project to date."

If I could change one thing about the IT organization: "I wish the IT staff also had an intimate knowledge of medicine."

Chief difference between Children's and other hospitals: "You really get a sense of caring the moment you walk in. And though some might think it could be a sad environment in which to work, it's actually the opposite."

I love technology when: "It works!"

I hate technology when: "It's applied to a problem that didn't need a technology solution in the first place. Technology for technology's sake bugs me."

Worst high-tech invention ever: "GameBoys. I see way too many kids hooked on those things when they should be out running around or reading."

Which is more fascinating: the genetic code of the pancreas or the programming code of a Web app?: "No comparison--the genetic code of the pancreas. It's orders and orders of magnitude more complex and beautiful."

Role: Technical Services Manager

At Work: Manages groups responsible for helpdesk, PC staging/break-fix, network operating system and new technologies

At Home: 43 years old. Married, four children. Hobbies include coaching kids' baseball and basketball teams, golfing

Alma Mater: Boston College, School of Management, B.S. Computer Science-Organizational Studies
(double major)

How he Got Here:

• 1995-1997: Senior Systems Consultant, Wang Laboratories, Tewksbury, Mass.

• 1990-1995: Senior Systems Analyst, Bull Information Systems, Billerica, Mass.

Mouthing Off:

Toughest part of PeopleSoft project: "Getting one's arms around the project with respect to identifying roles, goals and responsibilities."