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We weren't certain exactly where Compuware was going when it acquired our 2004 Portfolio Management Well Connected Award winner Changepoint, but after speaking to Compuware briefly last week we see the light.
Compuware announced Changepoint 10 this week and they've expanded the product to leverage other products in its portfolio such as its APM product, Vantage.
This gives Changepoint 10 visibility into the actual performance and availability of applications without requiring IT staff to manually enter such data for capacity planning and resource availability. The integration is proprietary, but still very cool, as it minimizes budgeting and resource scheduling SNAFUs due to estimates or old performance data.

Changepoint 10 also introduces configurable workflow capabilities to support the automation of key IT business processes and methodologies. IT can configure project and demand management workflow through Changepoint 10's Web-based, graphical design environment.
Sometimes change is good.