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Certance's CP 3100 D2D2T

Backup and Archive

I plugged the CP 3100 into my server and fired up my Veritas Backup Exec software. It saw the CP 3100 as a DAT autoloader with 25 tape slots and a single tape drive. And as soon as I started a backup, Backup Exec saw a "tape" loaded into the drive and sent its data to this virtual tape. Once the backup is complete, the CP 3100 will archive the data automatically by copying it to a DAT tape. If a blank tape or the tape you last archived to this virtual slot isn't in the drive, CP 3100 will queue the archive task and ask you about it over e-mail. You can back up and restore to other virtual tapes while archiving is in progress, and the CP 3100 won't overwrite data until it has been archived to tape.

CP 3100 D2D2T

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To conserve space, the CP 3100 allocates disk space to virtual tapes as data is written to them. So a 20-GB virtual tape with 100 MB of data, for example, uses only 100 MB of disk space--an intelligent design that some enterprise vendors would do well to emulate.

The CP 3100 is managed from a built-in Web server, which needs some fine-tuning from Certance. From here you can erase tapes or direct the CP 3100 not to archive some virtual tape slots. This comes in handy if, for instance, you want to make full backups to both disk and tape to be sent off-site but prefer your incremental backups only to disk--perfect for SMBs that make full backups over the weekend and incremental backups nightly.

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