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Centrepoint Phone System Ties IP PBXs To VoIP

Centrepoint Technologies has announced that its TalkSwitch 48-CVA telephone system is now fully compliant with the with the SIPconnect interface specification designed to integrate IP PBXs with SIP-enabled VoIP service provider networks.

TalkSwitch 48-CVA is a user-installable hybrid telephone system providing access to both the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) and voice over IP (VoIP). This allows small enterprises and branch offices with up to 32 phones to use the PSTN for local calling and switch over to VoIP for inter-branch and long-distance communications. Based on what Centrepoint calls a "uniquely flexible" Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) architecture, the system is designed to be integrated with VoIP network services.

According to Centrepoint, the TalkSwitch 48-CVA is one of the first such solutions to comply with the SIPconnect interface specification. Building on Internet Engineering task Force protocols, the specification defines the implementation rules for integrating IP PBXs with SIP-enabled VoIP service provider networks. It allows for allows for end-to-end SIP signaling and provides pure IP path supporting rich communications services. The SIPconnect interface specification employs a process called direct IP peering which is designed to reduce voice latency and costs.

"It saves money and offers a dramatically higher quality of service, it also opens the door to a host of enhanced features," Centrepoint Technologies President and CEO Jan Scheeren said in a statement. "We've recognized that more and more small businesses are deploying IP PBXs. A consistent method for integrating them with a VoIP service network is crucial."