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Cell Phones Have Finally Gone to the Dogs

Is there an 'iPooch' in your dog's future? Wired reports that with pet ownership on the rise, gadget makers are scrambling to release techno-bling marketed just for canines.

Among some of the hot doggy doodads:

• A two-way cell phone that straps to the collar, letting you and your faithful friend have a conversation (via speakerphone). And if Rover gets lost on the way home, a Good Samaritan can simply press a button on the phone, which will then instantly call your house.

• A collar-attached camera that takes pictures at doggie level, allowing Fifi's owners to see exactly what a dog sees (which hopefully won't be another dog's rear end).

•A dog-centric PDA, which lets owners keep track of vet appointments and playdates.

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