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Caveat Emptor

I reader sent me an email today. So, today, I'll play educator (hey, I'm out of practice, its inter-session) and educate all you nice folks about the concept of Caveat Emptor, buyer beware or in today's hip-hop fast paced world, duh!

Today's Lesson

It seems, this particular gentleman's company (I'll call them "The ODam Co.") entrusted its mission critical Web site, and data to a particular Web hosting service (lets call them "Ooopsie Ltd"). The relationship hasn't gone as anticipated.

It seems that the Ooopsie Ltd. company made certain promises in the way they would perform disaster management. These promises, it is alleged, included making daily backups of all data and programs, which would, in the case of a disaster, protect and serve the client.

In order for ODam to take advantage of Ooopsie's service, it signed a contract. The contract stipulated all sorts of do's, don'ts, wherefores and whereas, between the parties. Most important, to Ooopsie, and of course the source of major aggravation to ODam, is the particular paragraph that said in essence:

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