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Bugs And Unstable Code Threaten Second Life's Future

A group of Second Life's business owners and users are taking Linden Lab to task for ongoing, serious bugs and stability problems in the virtual world which, they say, threatens its survival.

Problems include daily meltdowns in navigation systems, in-world chat, instant messaging, and community groups used to bring together users (known as "residents" in Second Life jargon) with common interests.

The problems are particularly significant as people and real-world companies begin using Second Life as a platform for real business, said Cristiano Diaz, a Web and Second Life developer in Miami who's led a rebellion of residents against Linden Lab.

"Second Life is incredibly unstable and has become more and more unstable as it's grown in the last two years," Diaz said in an interview. "But at the same time, customers are paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for services with Linden Lab."

He added, "It isn't something like World of Warcraft, where you're paying $14.95 a month and if it sucks you can go somewhere else."

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