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Brix Debuts Quality Assurance Tool For Residential VoIP Service Providers

Brix Networks has launched a new quality measurement and reporting solution for residential VoIP service providers.

Designed to be used as both a pre- and post-sign-up application, the BrixCare Self-Service application features central management software that collects and presents service quality data from a digitally signed, lightweight Java applet that is downloaded to a subscriber's PC. The solution also includes measurement appliances that providers can drop into their networks to terminate test calls and assess VoIP call quality.

The solution analyzes the time for each call setup phase and complete call setup time, as well as latency, packet loss, and jitter measurements. BrixCare Self-Service can also evaluate call quality according to the E-Model (ITU-T G.107) standard and report a bi-directional Mean Opinion Score (MOS) to measure MOS degradation.

"Most VoIP providers have minimal visibility into their customers' environments or access networks where quality issues often arise," Brix Networks product line manager Laura Holly said in a statement. "BrixCare Self-Service allows both users and providers to quickly determine whether a problem originates in the user's environment, the ISP's network, or the VoIP provider's service delivery infrastructure."

The BrixCare Self-Service Starter Kit is currently available for $65,000, and consists of a Brix 1000 Verifier, the Advanced VoIP Test Suite and Self-Service Application.