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Branch Office Management

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Nothing magnifies IT efficiencies--and inefficiencies--more than remote sites. And despite some vendor claims, there is no silver bullet; remote support is complex and unique to your infrastructure and systems. But there are best practices for managing your far-flung branches, and here we'll share the lessons we've learned from our years on the job. Names are withheld to protect the (not always so) innocent, but the specifics aren't what's important. Rather, it's the concepts that are key.

Our philosophy: Managing remote sites is not about specialized products, but about maintaining standards and extending your organization's core infrastructure, policies and systems. Companies that let remote sites implement one-off technologies lose the cost benefits of standardization. Although migrations to more WAN-friendly technologies are expected, you must adhere to corporate standards.

The centralized IT group model is our focus here. There are other ways to support remote offices, but the centralized approach is by far the most prevalent, cited by 64 percent of our survey respondents.

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