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As Blogs Grow, So Does Spam

Spam blogs are a big headache for Taylor Bayouth.

He wants the Web site he founded,, a combination social network and blog publishing platform, to parse the words of its more than 200,000 members to update their profiles every time they post. Bayouth believes the "thought matching" system would be unique. But one of the biggest roadblocks he faces - besides competing against much bigger competitors, like - is the amount of spam blogs that hit his site.

"Spam is our No. 1 enemy," he says. "This is what we battle with on a daily basis. Spam could literally just kill this thing."

It may be little consolation to Bayouth, but in fact, there are millions of spam blogs - or "splogs" - with more added every day. And they aren't going away.

"It's not getting any better and it's probably getting worse," says
Tim Finin, a computer science professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, who helped write a paper about detecting splogs that was presented last month at an American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference.

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