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Black Friday Blowout: Hot Tech Picks for 2019

  • From managing distributed environments, working with more software-defined and automated solutions, to perhaps even experimenting with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, technology needs are constantly changing, and tech pros need the right tools to be successful. Often, however, organizations are focused on extending the life of existing solutions, but even the best technology gets old and jammed up with digital duct tape: patches, workarounds, and inefficiencies. And while upkeep and change are issues for many small and mid-sized companies that are necessarily budget conscious, technology professionals must remain constantly on the lookout for new tech that will keep their environments running smoothly and allow their organizations to deliver the best results.

    So, while most enterprise IT hardware and software don’t get the Black Friday treatment (2-for-1 routers, anyone?), with two of the biggest shopping days of the year just around the corner, it’s a good time to ask: what’s on tech pros’ must-have technology list for 2019?

    Here are some responses from the SolarWinds THWACK® community of over 150,000 technology professionals on their hottest tech picks of 2019 for work and at home.

    (Image: Pixabay)

  • Everything Wireless

    “I am looking at faster wireless access points since everything is wireless now. I’m also checking out faster transmissions than 1GB. I ran Cat6A cable through my house and would love to run 10GB on new network equipment!” -- User: kremerkm, Network Project Leader

    “I’m looking to get a mesh Wi-Fi router or something similar. My new house has tons of dead Wi-Fi zones. 2019 is the year to fix these.” -- User: capickett86

    (Image: iStockPhoto)

  • Home Upgrades

    “I’d love to install more home automation and security appliances. I am also looking to upgrade my home firewall to one that has a higher link speed to keep up with my recent upgrades.” -- User: monitoringlife

    “I’d love to buy a new laptop for my wife with no errors, issues, or problems...EVER! I also want a Network-Attached Storage server, and Windows® 10 Pro upgrades for all of my home machines and, of course, a shiny, new Windows 2016 Server. -- User: asheppard970, LAN Support Analyst

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  • Reliable SD-WAN

    “SD-WAN that I can actually! I have about 15 remote sites that need to be brought on to the corporate network. One issue is that our telco wants seven figures (yes, you heard me: a “1” followed by six “0s”!) each to drag glass to these sites. We are just now dipping our collective toe into the SD-WAN arena, and while some providers appear promising, we’re still three to four months away from even testing it in the field.” -- User: asheppard970, LAN Support Analyst

    (Image: iStockPhoto)

  • Security, Security, Security

    “I'm in the market for a new camera security system and a smart doorbell system. Who knows, I may go hog wild and spring for a full home automation system, thermostat, lights, garage doors, and all!” -- User: goffd

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  • Tools to Teach the Next Generation of Techies

    “I am looking for a good deal on a new router and/or Network Attached Storage Server, but my baby will be born in mid-January…So I think the Computer Science for Babies book will be a good start.” -- User: spoonman, Infrastructure Administrator

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  • Work Perks

    “I’m looking for a good cloud-based end-point management tool. I’m also on the lookout for some good wireless headphones. Seems like I’m constantly losing them, or the earbud ends slide off in a pocket, never to be seen again.” -- User: jasonstak2079, Systems Analyst

    “I am hoping for Windows 2016 Server approval so that we can enjoy software upgrades.” -- User: Jamison.jennings, visibility architect

    (Image: iStockPhoto)

  • Total Tech Makeover

    "Job related technology, like new enterprise wireless infrastructure from Cisco Meraki™, finally getting to ESX 6.7, and new VMware vCenter® infrastructure, and SD-WAN for all of our locations. And, if we can convince the Business systems team, pushing our Test and Dev systems to Azure Cloud.” -- User: tomiannelli

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