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Bivio Releases Network Acceleration Appliance

Bivio Networks has released a network optimization appliance targeted at accelerating the delivery of next-generation IP service applications such as security, traffic management, load balancing, and performance monitoring.

The Bivio 2000 is optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services that require deep packet processing with high network throughput. It accelerates off-the-shelf deep packet processing applications such as firewall, VPN, routing, intrusion detection/prevention and QoS.

The company claims that the Bivio 2000 platform is aimed at a packet handling market that is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2007 and is facing increasing bandwidth demands with the emergence of Gigabit Ethernet combined with the requirements of top packet handling applications.

"Many high-speed packet handling solutions claim Gigabit performance but fail to deliver true Gigabit performance when deployed in real-world networking environments consisting of heavy session loads, small packet sizes, and complex processing," said Elan Amir, president and CEO of Bivio Networks said in a statement. "The Bivio 2000 offers a way around existing bottlenecks with a new model that offers uncompromising performance and unmatched flexibility to the marketplace."