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Beware of Mobile Mail

Given the bad security wrap email comes with in the wired world, it seems only natural that it might cause similar, or even worse, issues when transmitted to and from a mobile device. In a recent survey of 600 IT professionals, 79 percent put mobile email at the top of their list of security risks. That makes mobile email, far and away, the biggest perceived threat to mobile devices and the enterprise nets to which they connect.Given the increasing ubiquity of mobile email, this is clearly a major concern for enterprises. After all, just as is the case with their more tethered counterparts, road warriors crave the ability to communicate via email. But that risk looms large, putting businesses in a bind when it comes to guaranteeing secure and reliable communications.

Just as was the case with traditional wireline networks, IT needs to be on top of the security situation. That means having the backend infrastructure -- and the right policies in place -- to keep mobile enterprise communications flowing, securely.