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Bernie Ebbers Trial

Bernie Ebbers knows nothing?

So it looks like ex-WorldCom chief Bernie Ebbers adopted
the Sgt. Schultz Defense

in his testimony before a federal court last week:

"I know what I don't know. I don't, to this day, know
technology. I don't know finance and accounting."

"I know nozzing!"

Ebbers???charged with helping to perpetrate the largest fraud in
corporate history???claims he was unaware of any of the bogus accounting
entries that inflated WorldCom's financials by more than $11 billion
and eventually led to its filing for bankruptcy.

So this sexagenarian good ol' boy barely knows a bit stream from a
fishing stream and a debit from a credit, yet he managed to mastermind
dozens of acquisitions in building a small long-distance company into a
telecom giant worth $180 billion at its peak?

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