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The Beat Goes On For Internet Explorer: Page 4 of 7

Builds 5296 and 5308 also include a "Find more Add Ons" menu item that takes you to the Web site to search for and download modules you require.

Nice Little Touches

Can co-users of the same system find out which sites you've been to? The answer is now a "No." You can delete all your browsing history with about three clicks. Simply access the Tools menu and then the "Delete Browsing History" option to click on the "Delete All" button there. And this actually works right away, without even having to restart the browser or system. With IE6, our experience has been that URL vestiges remain, and sometimes while you're typing a URL (supposedly history-cleared before), the browser will still remember it. Now it's really all gone. You can delete cookies, temporary Internet files, forms data, and passwords the same way. This doesn't affect the ability to remotely monitor or generate reports of browser activity on an enterprise network.

Several new small yet useful features have found their way into the latest IE beta builds. One of them is Page Zoom. Traditional "zooming" on a Web page magnifies only text and not the image and other content on the page. IE7 includes a separate feature that magnifies the entire Web page. If you use a scroll mouse, you can hold down Ctrl while using the mouse wheel to zoom in or out. There's a new icon in the latest IE7 betas on the status bar that lets you quickly see, as well as change, the level of zoom.

Print preview is improved, too. Now you can resize the page, adjust margins, and toggle header/footer printing from this window. Do note that print previewing some Web pages here can take a little bit of wait time while the engine renders the content on screen.