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AutoView KVM Switches Save Space

Positioned midrange in Avocent's IP KVM product line, the AutoView 2000R features hookups for a single, directly connected user via a standard monitor connection and PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. Network connectivity is achieved through the 10/100-Mbps Ethernet port, which can use BootP/DHCP for IP assignment or can be statically addressed via a console interface.

The AV2000R allows for the single analog user and two network users to operate simultaneous server control sessions with no perceivable performance degradation. By not requiring an "add-on" for IP connectivity, the AV2000R saves both rack space and money compared with similar solutions that take a local-only box and add a server when IP connectivity is required. Now for the best part: The 16 connected servers are linked to the AV2000R by way of standard Category 5 cables. (Any KVM solution that can reduce the bulky cables traditionally used with server-switching hardware is welcomed by data center managers.) The key to eliminating the bulky wires that carry monitor, keyboard and mouse signals is the AVRIQ smart cable "pigtails" that integrate server keyboard, video and pointing device signals into a single assembly that connects from the server via a RJ-45 jack back to the AV2000R's modular ports.

AVRIQ assemblies are available for PS/2, Sun and USB connections, and are used in cascading configurations to extend the number of controlled servers to 384. Although analog connectivity to the local console user can reach to a respectable, directly connected 50 feet, the Cat 5 server connections cannot exceed 32 feet (10 meters) per run--a limitation that may disappoint server room designers as other Cat 5 KVM switches can reach hundreds of feet.

• Solid IP/local server control in a single low-profile chassis.
• AVWorks software installs easily and is intuitive to use.

• Eliminates bulky KVM cables.

• Short cable lengths hamper installation flexibility.
• IP KVM control is "an acquired feel."
• Yet another network device to manage and secure.


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