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AT&T Expands Hotspot Network

AT&T has expanded its wireless Internet footprint, with the addition of WiFi hotspots around the world, bringing the total to 9,094 sites, 5,770 of them in the United States. Including wired Ethernet access, AT&T now boasts more than 10,000 sites worldwide.

The expansion was accomplished under AT&T's agreement with GoRemote Internet Communications, Inc. and other hotspot providers. The new sites are interoperable with AT&T's manages virtual private network (VPN) services, giving subscribers the opportunity to connect securely regardless of whether they are at the home office or meeting a client in a hotspot cafe.

"Expanding AT&T's global access capabilities gives enterprise customers the flexibility they need to extend their mobile work environment," AT&T president and chief operating officer Bill Hannigan said in a statement. "With the integration of this capability into our IP VPN service, AT&T provides a seamless solution. Our flexible billing options and improved remote access client combine to enhance our market-leading solution."

Customers can take advantage of a range of flexible billing options, including usage-based WiFi plans with a four-hour daily limit and session-based plans. AT&T also now offers consolidated corporate billing.